The West Carroll Parish School Board recognizes the functions of school buildings and grounds shall be to accommodate approved school programs for students and to assist in meeting the educational, cultural, civic, social and recreational need of communities.  Use of school buildings by the community shall be considered a secondary function so as not to interfere with regular school-day programs of the students.  School buildings may be used by the public only in instances where there is no personal gain by any person or any group of persons.


The sale and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages in school facilities and on West Carroll Parish School Board property shall be prohibited at all times.


Smoking, carrying a lighted cigar or cigarette, pipe or any other form of smoking object or device, or possessing any lighted tobacco product or any other lighted combustible plant material shall be prohibited in any elementary or secondary school building, on the campus of any elementary or secondary school, any building on the campus, and on all school buses.  Chewing or otherwise consuming any tobacco or tobacco product in any elementary or secondary school building, or any building located on the property of any elementary or secondary school, or on any school bus transporting students shall be strictly prohibited.




When the use of school facilities by the community is desired, the user shall:


  1. Sign a Use of School Facilities Agreement form, which shall contain, but not be limited to, the following:


    1. Waiver of any and all rights of recovery from the School Board, its members, and the school district for any injuries or damages resulting from the use of school building facilities or grounds. 

    2. A statement that the individual or group shall assume all responsibility for damages resulting from their use of facilities.

    3. The following use fee schedule shall be adhered to for the use of facilities:

      1. Cafeteria

        1. A cafeteria employee shall be present while the kitchen area is being used.  The employee shall be paid at a rate established between the school principal and the group.

        2. A $100 deposit shall be required for the use of the kitchen area to ensure the proper clean up.  The deposit or part of the deposit may be refunded based on the time needed for the clean up.

        3. There will be a fee schedule of $10 per hour made payable to the West Carroll Parish School Board for the use of the cafeteria.

        4. Any unforeseen expenses incurred by the West Carroll Parish School Board for the use of the cafeteria with payment of such expenses being agreed upon by the principal and the group using the facility.

      1. The use of other facilities

        1. All activities must be scheduled with the school principal with his/her approval and shall include a fee schedule of $10 per hour.

        2. Any unforeseen expenses incurred by the West Carroll Parish School Board for the use of the facility with payment of such expenses being agreed upon by the principal and the group using the facility.

    1. A statement that no school facilities shall be used for hazardous activities as determined by the Superintendent.

  1. In no way violate any law or ordinance in the use of the property.

  2. Provide security as determined by the school administrator.

  3. Pay a damage deposit as set by the School Board.



The School Board shall direct the Superintendent to maintain appropriate administrative regulations and procedures governing the use of school facilities.  These regulations shall assure the following:


  1. The principal shall be responsible for assuring that access to and use of school facilities by any group or individual is within School Board guidelines.  Use of facilities for other than school activities during school hours or when in conflict with school activities shall be prohibited except by special permission of the Superintendent.  Access to facilities shall be strictly monitored by designated school personnel during such usage.  Areas of any facility not intended for use shall be locked and properly safeguarded.

  2. The use of any School Board-owned or operated facility shall be prohibited for the purpose of political activities or activities prohibited by state and/or School Board policies or considered in any way contrary to the best interests of the school system.

  3. The use of food service facilities by groups outside of the food service department and/or food service organization shall be in accordance with the regulations outlined by the Superintendent and staff.

  4. No person, club, or organization granted permission to use school facilities shall bring, or permit to be brought, into or onto or about such school facility any alcoholic beverage, drug, or weapon as defined by the laws of the State of Louisiana and/or policies and regulations of the School Board.

  1. The falsification of any information required or the failure to comply with all policies, regulations, and/or procedures shall result in the person, group, or organization being prohibited from using any school facility in the future.

  2. The School Board reserves the right, through the Superintendent, principal, or other designated person to cancel the use of any School Board-owned or operated facility at any time when deemed in the best interest of the school system.

  3. Fees charged for facility use shall be in accordance with the schedule of fees approved by the School Board.

  4. No hoofed animals shall be permitted on the athletic fields and/or any other area specified by the principal.

  5. School plants shall not be used by an individual or group outside the school system for the purpose of making a profit.

  6. Use of school facilities shall not interrupt the school's instructional program.




Voting Precincts


Use of school buildings for voting or polling places shall be authorized by the School Board on the condition that election officials in charge on election day shall permit no loitering on the school premises.  The principal shall determine where voting shall be held on school campuses.


Arrangements for opening and closing the facilities shall be made with the principal of the school involved and compensation shall be made to the appropriate individual.


Civil Defense


The Civil Defense director is authorized to use any and all necessary school facilities for emergency shelters or accommodations to help provide services to the public in the event of any declared emergency.




The public shall be allowed to use school grounds (excluding buildings) for recreational or sport purposes only during daylight hours and only during the time when classes or other school or school-sponsored or approved activities are not being held.  No motor vehicles of any type, firearms or explosives or other dangerous weapons or alcoholic beverages shall be allowed on any school grounds.


No supervisory personnel shall be provided during this time, and any person who uses the school grounds for the limited purposes set forth herein does so at his/her own risk.  The School Board shall assume no liability for any accident, injury, or loss suffered by any person using the school grounds under the permission herein granted.


Revised:  January, 2004

Revised:  July 11, 2011



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West Carroll Parish School Board