The West Carroll Parish School Board shall require an annual school census of school-age children based on the information obtained from the public schools under the jurisdiction of the School Board.  A base student membership count shall be conducted in accordance with Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) guidelines on such student count dates designated in the annually adopted Minimum Foundation Program Formula.


All students included for membership in school shall be identified with the following required identification elements:  state identification number, full legal name, date of birth, sex, race, district and school code, entry date, and grade placement.  Principals shall be responsible for assuring the data submitted on each student enrolled in school is accurate and up-to-date.




School Site Level


Each principal will ensure that a permanent cumulative card is completed on each child entering school for the first time in West Carroll Parish.  This card will contain all information pertinent to determining a bona fide enrollment in a public school system, i.e. name, birthdate, birth certificate number, parents' names, and current address, etc.  This permanent card will be maintained in the principal's office and/or under his/her control at all times.  This card will transfer with the student as he/she progresses through the various schools of West Carroll Parish.  Additionally, the principal will annually complete a listing of all students from the cumulative card, enrolled in each school.  Students will be listed alphabetically by grade, with student and parent name, and current address noted.  A copy of this list will be provided to the West Carroll Parish School Board prior to October 15, reflecting the student enrollment as of October 1 of each school year.


Each principal will randomly sample the reported student enrollment by matching the cumulative card count with teachers, class rolls and student attendance/absence reports.  Any variance in counts will be verified, appropriate corrections made and reported to the West Carroll Parish School Board office.  This sample will be administered timely to reflect an accurate student count as of October 1 of each school year.  Documentation of students sampled and the results of the sample will be maintained by the principal.


The principals of the West Carroll Parish Schools will submit a monthly report (20 day school month) to the West Carroll Parish School Board which will accurately account for the students enrolled in school.


The principals of the West Carroll Parish Schools will submit an end of year report to reflect status of each student, i.e. dropped, promoted, retained, graduated and annual attendance data as required for end of the year reports.


Central Office Level


Personnel of the West Carroll Parish School Board will utilize the Student List provided by each school to complete the necessary reports to the Louisiana State Department of Education regarding numbers of students and all other pertinent factors applicable to teacher and support personnel.  In order to ensure compliance with Board policy regarding student count assurances, Central Office staff will conduct the following procedures:


  1. Review the test of enrollment data performed by the principal.

  2. Complete an additional test utilizing student data not sampled by the principal of ten percent (10%) of the schools.

  3. Reach a definitive decision regarding a positive assurance of compliance.

  4. Report the findings of the review to the Superintendent prior to November 1 of each school year.


Revised:  August, 2008



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West Carroll Parish School Board